How to Prevent Your Snorkel Mask from Fogging

Fogging is a common problem with snorkel masks, but thankfully, you can prevent this easily and have an absolutely great vision. It is so frustrating when you have to move your head to one side so you can see from a part of your mask that isn’t fogged.

A dirty mask is the main reason why they get fogged. Moisture forms within your mask and it gets attached to oils and dirty specks. If you have a clean mask, the moisture will go down and get collected at the bottom. There won’t be any fogging, as a result. Moisture sometimes also gets attached to the imperfections in the mask’s glass. You can clean it with a baby shampoo, but even before that, always make sure to get a good full face snorkel mask that is made of the finest materials.

These 4 Steps Will Help You Prevent Fogging

  1. Always clean the mask regularly, but you should not touch the inside. You can clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Apply just a little bit of toothpaste and scrub in hot water. Rinse in hot water. You can use dish soap and wash cloth or soft brush if your lens is not made of plastic and not glass.
  1. Clean the mask every time before snorkeling. Water and a mild baby shampoo could do the trick. Spray the solution inside your mask, making sure that the glass surface is completely covered. Avoid touching with your fingers because they can be dirty and oily. Rinse with clean water.
  1. Shake out the water drops and put the mask on your face. But before doing so, make sure that your face is dry. Don’t remove the mask and let the moisture in once the seal is in place. Clear your mask by breathing while you are wearing it.
  1. But sometimes, even after all this, you might still find that your mask have gone foggy when you are in the water. Remove it, if this happens, and spit in. Shake your mask well so that the glass is completely coated. You can also use some salt water to dilute it. Dump the content out and wear the snorkel mask again. The problem will be fixed.
  1. This will usually work. If it doesn’t then you have to burn your snorkel mask. Sometimes, there is a coating on the glass in new masks that you have to remove with fire. You will have a clean mask after doing this.