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No more Google pagerank, no more worries?

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Ever since Google and SEO exploded web developers overly obsessed over page ranks. As time passed people became more and more insane over "WHAT'S YOUR PR?", "WHEN'S THE NEXT PR UPDATE?", and "I ACHIEVED x PR IN x MONTHS". Regardless of how you try to convince people not to dwell on it, people did. It was impossible, it's like trying to tell people Diet Coke is not for losing weight. Over the weekend something miraculous happened, the official dropping of PageRanks by Google. Now, no longer would you have to worry about delegating SEO time to this treachery.


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Importance of Alexa Ranking

Categories :: SEO, Web Owners

I know a couple webmasters myself and they've always been obsessed with their "Alexa Ranking", and to some degree has used it to measure their success on the world wide web. Is this accurate? The short answer – No! The long answer, is possibly but based on how you use it. I'm going to break down what Alexa measures, how is it relevant for you and how you should use it.


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15 Free blog directories to get you started

Categories :: Blogging, SEO

So you just started a blog? Where do you go from here? How do you drive traffic? You need to do some SEO work on your blog and one of those items on the checklist is having some quality backlinks to your site. Here I've compiled a list of 15 free blog directories where you can quickly submit to, somewhat of a starting point. Now what I say free links I mean zero dollars spent but some of them may require a link back to them. Scan through and see if there's anything good for you.