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Google Wave Invitations – Does it work for you?

Categories :: Blogging, Tools

Well, the Google Wave has been out for a couple months now and I'm still not sure what's so crazy about this thing. Either way, I've got some invites sitting here, if you're interested in joining the crazy crowd and seeing what this new Google product is all about just leave me a line. Try it out and then let me know how it has worked or not worked for you!


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Stats you should know before making a website

Categories :: Blogging, Internet Economy, Web Development

Making a website or a blog now-a-days is not easy, given all the tools we have today compared to the early 90's means its not only easier for us but easier for others too. The competitive playground is just so big now a days. This is why your website not only has to be unique but has to cover a few basic things first. Here are some stats and guidelines to help you get started. As well as a look into the business aspect of making a website.


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Increase traffic to your blog/website for free

Categories :: Blogging, Web Owners

When you first planned out your website or blog you thought to yourself, "WOW! This is a great idea, people will love it". After a couple weeks or months of launch your still looking at your analytic wondering why you're hovering so low in traffic. Well, here's the thing, you haven't gained momentum yet. I'll give you a general outlook of how to produce traffic for free and keep it high.


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15 Free blog directories to get you started

Categories :: Blogging, SEO

So you just started a blog? Where do you go from here? How do you drive traffic? You need to do some SEO work on your blog and one of those items on the checklist is having some quality backlinks to your site. Here I've compiled a list of 15 free blog directories where you can quickly submit to, somewhat of a starting point. Now what I say free links I mean zero dollars spent but some of them may require a link back to them. Scan through and see if there's anything good for you.