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First of all, welcome to the Crankberry Blog the online web development resource blog thing. That is what Crankberry Blog is all about, a place to share "things" internet related for those working on the internet.

Contribute Articles

Crankberry Blog is definately open to contribution articles. Contribution articles can benefit contributors by having their own backlinks in the article (including deep links). There are conditions though, you must be of legal drinking age! No, but on a more serious note, contribution articles should be related to sharing some sort of resources for web developers and designers. The last thing Crankberry Blog want is an article about the worst sales ever (it is a very funny article though). With that said send your articles over to, I'm sure we can work something out.


Crankberry Blog favours the idea of link exchanging with other valuable members of the internet community. I don't think anybody would ever complain about some healthy backlink here and there. So here's the deal, if you have a web related website with valuable content (not spam and pirated articles) forward a link to and we'll work something out.

Jerry Low

As most of you can tell from my articles that I'm not very big on writting. When I say "not very big" I actually meant not very good. I've always been just average with writting. I also have the habit of not reading over my writting, which means A LOT of mistakes and broken English. Would that deter people from visitng and reading my articles? Quite possibly, but that's how it is, nobody's perfect (and some of us could be far from it).

I've been a developer and designer for a larger part of my life, but it has always been a hobby. Over the years I have worked on some bigger projects which includes building public web sites, CMS, and web applications. A few years ago (from when I'm writting this) I took that hobby into a professional career working for a mid-sized corporation. From there I understood how much there was to learn in this field. So there I was, gathering resource after resource, learning techniques after techniques. One sunny morning I just thought to myself WOW, I could really help people out like myself by sharing this information. So, here I am, after a few days and couple of articles we have the Crankberry Blog.