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Google Wave Invitations – Does it work for you?

Well, the Google Wave has been out for a couple months now and I'm still not sure what's so crazy about this thing. Either way, I've got some invites sitting here, if you're interested in joining the crazy crowd and seeing what this new Google product is all about just leave me a line. Try it out and then let me know how it has worked or not worked for you!

My Take on Google Wave

Google Wave isn't all that I had anticipated, or maybe I was expecting a lot. When it was first introduced it showed people communicating and working on projects together. It was like a shared community online to… work on things. So far I have not used it for such. I'm not going to go in details and put out a review as everybody probably sees a different use for this application. Let me know, how has Google Wave changed your life?

I believe Google Wave is one of those web application made to compliment with the Chrome OS that Google will be releasing. The Wave will play a key role in the work and communication aspect for the OS, just like how all their online applications are.

Get a Google Wave Invite

Once again, get an invite – leave a line or message.

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2 Responses to “Google Wave Invitations – Does it work for you?”

  1. Jerry Jerry Low says:

    Sgegew, Drupal since version 6 has a built in module that supports blog posting so the default content creation is for pages and blogs. With also a fairly basic commenting system. With the vast amount of modules you can add to it, should work for any instance you like.

  2. sgegew sgegew says:

    This really helped. Do u have any idea how to create a blog using Drupal. I know that wordpress is good but Drupal offers some greate features which i want to include so any help would be appreciated.

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